Haitian Child

Haitian Child

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Midnight Motorcycle Madness

Planes, Automobiles, and Motorcycles.

There is a great John Candy and Steve Martin movie 
with a similar name, 
and I am starting to feel like Steve Martin.

Last night I left the restaurant after a great dinner. 
I'm about half way back to the casa
and I smell gas.  
Then I realize that I can feel gas 
spraying on my left leg. 
So I pull over. 
The bike stops, 
the lights go out.
I put my hand down by the left side of the engine
and there is gas spurting out.
My leg, shoe, and hand are covered in gas. 
Didn't think it was a good thing 
to try and restart the bike.

Pitch dark. 
Of course I am exactly 
in the darkest portion of a dirt country road,
not a casa or light in sight.  
The moon was only a sliver. 
The stars however were magnificent. 
No flashlight, 
but my cell phone allowed me 
to illuminate the bike a bit
and I found and toggled off the gas supply. 
The gas stopped spurting, 
which by now had covered a lot of my lower body. 
If this were a classic Roadrunner Coyote story, 
that would be the time when someone 
would strike a match.  Boom!

I moved the bike as close to curb as I dare,
without the bike toppling into the ditch
and walked back to the casa.
The cell phone was sufficient with the stars
and the walk back was pleasant.

Too bad.
I was just getting my motorcycle legs back.

I WILL get to the clinic today. 

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