Haitian Child

Haitian Child

Monday, December 26, 2011


Little Blue Heron Surfside

This morning I did manage to confirm that the rental car was not available. I actually spoke to a Hertz employee who turned up at the hotel. No car for me.
So, I took a taxi, a 2.5 hour taxi, to Limon, and around noon, I arrived. Whew. Seemed like longer but really only 3 days compared to the usual 1.5.   

The next problem is how to get back and forth to the clinic. Well, Matt, an especially helpful person who manages the casa where I stay, has offered to lend me his motorcycle. Ok by me. I enjoyed my motorcycle days as a young man. I even raced motorcycles for a season. So, the motorcycle works for me. 

Matt's Honda

I unpacked and placed all the medications and supplies in one bag. I had mixed them all up with my clothes and equipment because there was a last minute snafu with the permit for customs. This time the meds were co-mingled and I chose the correct time to put the bags on the conveyer belt that takes the bags through the scanner. I was watching the scanner operator and he was periodically pre-occupied with a young woman. I put the bags on during one of his pre-occupied moments. Hey no problema! So, now the meds are ready to take the clinic.  

All in all, the sky is clear, the sun is shining, the bags and medications all arrived intact, and tomorrow is another day.  

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