Haitian Child

Haitian Child

Monday, March 24, 2014

Screening Clinic - First Day

A great start!

Twelve children attended the first ever paediatric screening clinic at the new Gigante Community Health Centre. 

Each child had a height and weight measured and the body mass index was calculated. 

For those children who were old enough to cooperate, the blood pressure and vision was assessed. 

If a child could void or if a mother brought in a fresh urine specimen, the urine was checked. 

Finally, the mothers were interviewed to determine a typical daily diet, and a nutritional assessment was completed. 
Michael Chmilar entering data at the Growth Station. 
Sarah and Maria entering data at the Nutrition Station.
Growth data was obtained on all children.  Eight children had a nutrition and blood pressure assessment. Five children had a urine test. Four children had a vision assessment.  

Only two abnormal results were obtained. One child had a borderline blood pressure result and one child had white blood cells in the urine. Both children will be asked to return for a full check up. 

The nutrition results will be assessed to determine trends for the community generally and the information for each individual child will be kept in their clinical record for discussion at the next clinic visit. 

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