Haitian Child

Haitian Child

Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Third of the Village Children

On Monday in the second week, I was advised that I have now assessed over a quarter of the children in the village. By the end of the second week I will have assessed about a third of the children in this rural fishing community. 

I have seen several of the children a second time, either for follow up, for a new problem, or in one case for an allergic reaction to a medication I prescribed. The faces of these children are now familiar, although their names are still a blur. The children are starting to wave at me when I am in town.  

I know the mothers better, because I have seen two, three, and even four children from the same mother on different days. Some of the mothers are therefore "regulars." The returning mothers are a good sign that I am doing ok. 

With the next two-week visit at the end of March, I will likely pass the half the children mark. I kept good notes, which will make every follow-up easier. 

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