Haitian Child

Haitian Child

Monday, December 16, 2013

Toys for Children in Nicaragua

Children in Calgary are often apprehensive with visits to a physician, and the children in Gigante, Nicaragua, will not be any different. A toy often minimizes the apprehension and allows for a happier visit.

With prior trips to Nicaragua we have brought toys to offer the children and our experience is that these gifts can smooth the way for a pleasant encounter.

With this visit, we are fortunate to have toys purchased with funds raised by children at the Before and After School Care Program at Alexander Ferguson Elementary School. Anneline Webb, the Director of the program, initiated the project, and Denae, her charming daughter, selected the appropriate gifts.

Thank you Denae and Anneline Webb, and the Students at the Before and After School Care Program at Alexander Ferguson Elementary School.

Thank you Children at Before & After School Program 
Alexander Ferguson Elementary School. 
Great toys for the girls and boys in Gigante. 
Thank you Denae Webb!!

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