Haitian Child

Haitian Child

Friday, December 21, 2012

Baggage Concerns

When I arrived at the gate in Miami for my connecting flight to Port au Prince, the lady at check-in advised I could not board. The plane was visible and the scheduled take off was still 15 minutes away. I had hustled from the arrival gate because the plane from Las Vegas was delayed leaving Nevada and therefore late arriving in Miami. Still, I made it. But the American Airlines person refused to board me.

"But, I'm  here, and the plane isn't scheduled to leave for 15 minutes," I questioned.

"No, your luggage will not make it and you must travel with your luggage." 

I resigned myself to another 3 hours in the airport.

On arrival in Haiti I waited patiently for my luggage at the new modern carousel in the arrivals area, and 45 minutes later, when the conveyor belt stopped, my luggage was no where to be seen. Defeated again, I went to the American Airlines counter and inquired. 

"Oh, are you Mr. Robson," the person inquired?

"Yes," I responded. 

"Your luggage arrived on an earlier flight," she replied.

I was just grateful that both bags were there.  

The customs fellow asked me if there were any drugs in my bag. He was in a real rush.

"No," I lied, and he let me through.   

So, there it is.  I've arrived. 


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