Haitian Child

Haitian Child

Friday, February 25, 2011

Medical Supplies

    The file room at my clinic is starting to look like a small pharmacy.  Andy Chiew, the pharmacist in the building, dropped by and he was impressed at our growing stock of pharmaceuticals.  
     I have not obtained enough antibiotic supplies.  I asked Andy to find out the least expensive generic source for an antibiotic in each of the basic classes and I will purchase a 1000 dose container of a half a dozen antibiotics.  Andy arranged for me to purchase these medications at cost, which is most appreciated, and then he generously offered to split the cost!  I was overwhelmed. Thank you Andy!
     Many physicians have generously donated supplies and others have been setting aside pharmaceuticals for us to pick up.  Michele Holtsbaum, my office manager, will visit half a dozen offices later today to pick up some of these supplies and she will do this again in March.   
     I purchased two very large duffel bags with wheels from MEC and expect to fill them both.  These versatile bags have shoulder straps on the back and can be carried as a pack on the shoulders, they have wheels on the bottom and can be rolled along the ground, and there are grips on three sides so they can be carried by hand.  I used one of these bags for Haiti last year and although very heavy when full, the bags were otherwise great.  

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