Haitian Child

Haitian Child

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Time to Give Back!

Here I am,
working as a Pediatrician
in a poor country.
I've wanted to do this all my life.
In 1974 I signed up with Save The Children
to work six months in Cambodia, 
but Pol Pot and a genocidal war
interfered with that project.
Then family, profession, and the years flowed by.

Now is my time. 

Last year, in March 2010,
I rearranged my practice
to help out in Haiti for two weeks.
You can read an abbreviated description
of my time in Haiti on my clinic website,
I worked hard
and returned with conflicted emotions,
but with the certainty 
that I wanted to do more. 

In October 2010 I spent
ten days in Nicaragua
to scout out a new opportunity to help.

I will return to Nicaragua in March 2011
to work in a rural clinic
as a pediatrician.

I hope to sustain this dream come true. 

Life has smiled on me
but frowned on much of the world. 
Time to give back, time to help out. 

Nicaragua is the second poorest country
in the Americas,
and deserving of our help.

There are doctors in Nicaragua.
After the revolution, the government
established schools and medical clinics
in most of the major communities.
But there are not many doctors
and there are very few specialists.

A doctor in Nicaragua is paid $500 a month,
and they are rich
compared to the average worker
who makes less than $100 a month.

Time to give back!

If you would like to help,
If life has smiled on you
and you also desire to give back, 
if you can help in any way,
please contact us at

Thank you.

Lane Robson MD

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